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SA des Etablissements Nieuport

Aircraft The Company
Model Military Number Name
1917 Type 28    
SA des Etablissements Nieuport was founded in 1910 by Edouard de Niport who had building aircraft since 1908.  The company was known for its fighter aircraft during World War I and in the post-war period.

After several mergers, Nieuport loses its identity during World War II.

1910: SA des Etablissements Nieuport founded by Edouard de Niport.

1911: Company reorganized after M. Niport is killed.

1914: Gustave Delage joins as a designer.

1920: Merges with Astra airship company to form Nieuport-Astra.  Aircraft become known as Nieuport-Delage.

1934: Merges with Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire to form Groupement Aviation Loire-Nieuport.

1936: Loire-Nieuport is nationalized with Breguet to form SNCAO (Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques de l'Ouest).  Nieuport loses its identity during World War II.


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