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Laird Airplane Co.

Aircraft The Company
Model Military Number Name
1936 RT-14   Meteor
Emil Matthew (Matty) Laird formed the Laird Aviation Co. in 1919 building light biplanes.  After Matty left the partnership, he established a new company, the E.M. Laird Airplane Co., concentrating on custom-built sport and racing aircraft.


1912: Matty Laird builds his first aircraft at age 16

1919: Laird Aviation formed with brother Charles and other partners

1923: Charles Laird and partners buy Matty Laird out and rename company Swallow Airplane Mfg.  Matty forms E M Laird Airplane Company.

1941: E M Laird plant converted to B-24 subassembly.

1945: Matty Laird retires


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