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Model Military Number Name
1935 He 111    
1944 He 162   Salamander
Dr. Ernst Heinkel built and flew his first airplane in 1910 while a student at the Technical Institute of Stuttgart.  Within three years he was chief engineer of Albatros Aviation.  Dr. Heinkel also designed aircraft for Hansa-Brandenburg during World War I.

Dr. Heinkel founded Heinkel-Flugzeugwerke in 1922.  Heinkel's most famous aircraft was the He 111 twin-engined bomber of early World War II fame.  Heinkel also built the first aircraft to fly under jet power, the He 178 of 1939.

With most of his largest factories in the Soviet zone, Dr. Heinkel started over again after the war making aircraft components and mopeds.  The only remaining Heinkel company I'm aware of is Heinkel AG that  produces industrial centrifuges.

(Thanks to Ray McKinney for Heinkel's post-war history)


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