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Hanriot et Cie


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Model Military Number Name
1916 HD.1    
René Hanriot was a pioneer aviator who formed Aeroplanes Hanriot et Cie at the beginning of World War I.  Starting by building Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutters, the company developed its own design, the HD.1 in 1916.  Hanriot focused on trainer and sport aircraft in the post-war years.


1914: Aéroplanes Hanriot et Cie is formed

1930: On death of René Hanriot company becomes Lorraine-Hanriot, a division of Société Général Aéronautique (SGA)

1933: SGA breaks up, Marcel Hanriot forms a new Compagnie des Avions Hanriot.

1936: Nationalization law creates SNCA du Centre (Aérocenter) which takes over Hanriot and Farman.




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