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Gloster Aircraft Co.


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Model Military Number Name
1943 G.41 F.9/40 Meteor
Formed during World War I, Gloster was probably most famous for it's radial-engined biplanes of the inter-war years.  Gloster was also a pioneer in jet aircraft, designing and producing the Meteor.


1917: Airco and H.H. Martyn form the Gloucestershire Aircraft Co. to manufacture aircraft

1921: Harry Folland appointed chief engineer

1926: Company changes its name to Gloster Aircraft Co. to help export customers

1934: Gloster is taken over by Hawker to form the Hawker Siddeley GroupFolland leaves to form his own firm.  Gloster is run as a separate division.

1961: Armstrong Whitworth and Gloster are combined to form the Whitworth Gloster division of Hawker Siddeley.


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