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LeBlond/Ken-Royce 5F

The Engine Specifications
The LeBlond 5F was introduced in 1930.  When aircraft powered with the 5F were commandeered by the U.S. Army, the engine was re-designated the R-265.
5-cylinder, air-cooled, radial piston engine
Displacement: 266 cubic inches
(4.4 liters)
Models Used by
LeBlond 80-5F: 80 hp (60 kw)
LeBlond 85-5DF: 85 hp (63 kw)
LeBlond 90-5F: 90 hp (68 kw)
Ken-Royce 5F: 90 hp (68 kw)
Rearwin 5G: 90 hp (68 kw)
Rearwin Sportster
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