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Model Military Number Name
1942   PQ-8  
1944   PQ-14  
Culver Aircraft was known for its sport aircraft just prior to World War II.  The company successfully adopted it's Cadet sport aircraft to fill a U.S. Army Air Corps requirement for a target drone and became the major producer of radio-controlled aerial target aircraft for both the Army and Navy during World War II.

1938: Culver Aircraft is formed from Dart Manufacturing.

1946: Applegate-Weyant purchases production rights to Dart.  Folds after producing 10 aircraft.

1947: Culver Aircraft disbands in the post-war slump.

The Cadet design was revived briefly by  Superior Aircraft of Los Angeles (1950),  California Aero Corp of Tracy, California (1958)and Helton Aircraft of Mesa, Arizona (1962).





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