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Columbia 300/350/400

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In 1996 Lancair, a noted kit-plane manufacturer, announced it was developing an aircraft for production.  The aircraft was introduced to the public as the Lancair LC-40 Columbia 300 in 1997.  Deliveries of production aircraft began in 2000.

A turbo-charged version named the Columbia 400 was introduced in 2001.

Cessna acquired manufacturing rights to  these aircraft in November 2007.

Specifications (400)





Type: General
Seats: 4
Engines: one 310 hp (236 kW) Continental TSIO-550-G
Columbia 300: powered by a normally-aspirated 300 hp Continental IO-550-N2B
Columbia 350: an all-electric 300
Columbia 400: powered by a turbo-
charged 310 hp Continental TSIO-550-G

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