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1913 Ca.36    
Caproni built the first Italian airplane and developed one of the best heavy bombers of World War I.

During the 1920s and 30s, Caproni developed passenger and cargo aircraft.  The company returned to fighter and bomber production in the mid-1930s.

Caproni remained solvent after World War II supporting military engines until bought by Agusta in 1983.

1907: Count Gianni Caproni sets up his first of many companies.

1909: Caproni e Faccanoni builds the first Italian aircraft.

1929: Caproni's Ca.90 with six 1,000 hp engines is the world's largest/heaviest plane.

1930s: Caproni acquires the Isotta-Fraschini aircraft engine company.

1945: Several factories remain open.

1983: The last Caproni company (Caproni Vizzola) is purchased by Agusta and the Caproni name disappears.





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