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Model Military Number Name
1948 520* L-26 Commander
c.1962 A-9**   Ag Commander
* first model number in series
** acquired with IMCO
During its heyday, Aero Commander was known for its single- and twin-engine general aircraft.


1944: The Aero Engineering Co is formed to design and build the Aero Commander.

1950: Company is renamed Aero Design & Engineering Co.

1960: Company becomes Aero Commander Division of Rockwell-Standard.

1966: Company acquires Intermountain Manufacturing Co (IMCO) and its ag-aircraft

1967: Rockwell-Standard merges with North American to form North American Rockwell.  Aero Commander Division becomes General Aviation Division.

1971: North American Rockwell forms AAMSA with Industrias Unidas SA of Mexico to produce the General Aviation Division's ag-aircraft.

1980: Rockwell sells General Aviation Division to Gulfstream.

1988: Gulfstream sells the Commander single-engine product line to Commander Aircraft. 


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