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Northrop YC-125 Raider

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The Aircraft

The Northrop N-23 Pioneer was designed as a short take off and landing (STOL) transport and first flew in 1946.  Due to the large number of war surplus aircraft, the Pioneer did not sell.

In 1948, Northrop received a contract to build 23 aircraft based on the N-23 for the U.S. Air 

Force.  Designated the YC-125 Raider, the  aircraft was found to be underpowered for its intended missions--transport to forward combat areas and Arctic rescue.  It was also determined that helicopters were better suited for these missions.  The existing YC-125s were declared surplus in 1955. 
Specifications (YC-125B)





Type: Transport
Engines: three 1,200 hp Wright R-1820-99 radial engines
N-23: Northrop model number for Pioneer
N-32: Northrop model number for Raider
YC-125: U.S. Air Force designation for transport version

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