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North American OV-10 Bronco

The U.S. Marine Corps developed a requirement for a Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (LARA) in the early 1960's.  The North American NA-300 design prompted an order for seven test prototypes.  The first YOV-10A flew in 1965.

The Bronco entered service in Vietnam by both the U.S. Marine Corp and Air Force.  It's mission capabilities include observation, forward air control, helicopter escort, armed reconnaissance, gunfire spotting, utility and limited ground attack.  The Bronco's rear fuselage can carry cargo, five combat-equipped troops or two litter patients and a medical attendant.

The Bronco has also been used by the German, Indonesian, Thai, Venezuelan and Moroccan air forces.

Specifications (OV-10D)
Type: Counter Insurgency
Engine: two 1,040 hp (776 kW) Garrett T76-G-420/421 turboprops
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