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Piper J-3 Cub/L-4 Grasshopper

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The Aircraft

The Taylor Cub, marketed by the Taylor Aircraft Company, first flew in 1930.  When Taylor ran into financial difficulties, W.T. Piper formed the Piper Aircraft Corporation in 1937 and acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights to the Cub.

The two-seat (in tandem) Cub sold well when the engine was upgraded.  In 1941 the U.S.

Army evaluated the Cub as an artillery spotter and purchased the aircraft as the O-59.  Later in the liaison role, the Cub was redesignated the L-4 Grasshopper.

Over 14,000 civil and 5,700 military J-3s were produced.

Specifications (J-3C-65)





Type: Light plane/Liaison
Engines: one 65 hp (48 kW) Continental A65 flat-four piston engine
J-3: Company designation
O-59: U.S. Army observation version
L-4: U.S.  Army liaison version (Grasshopper)
NE: U.S. Navy trainer version

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