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Douglas DC-9

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Douglas developed the DC-9 as a short range airliner to complement the larger DC-8  The DC-9 first flew in 1965.

The DC-9 was designed to allow for stretched versions.  The initial Series 10 accommodated up to 90 passengers.  The final DC-9 Series 50 seated a maximum of 139.

McDonnell acquired Douglas in 1967.  In 1977 McDonnell Douglas launched the DC-9 Super 80.  This aircraft received the MD-80 designation when the company adopted a new system of MD designations in 1983.

Specifications (DC-9 Series 50)





Type: Commercial
Seats: 139 maximum
Engines: two 16,000 lb (72 kN) thrust Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17 turbofans
DC-9: Douglas Commercial Model 9
C-9: U.S. Military transport version.  The aeromedical version (C-9A) is known as the Nightingale.  The standard transport (C-9B) is known as the Skytrain II.
VC-9: U.S. Military VIP transport

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Douglas DC-9/MD-80

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