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Douglas DC-6/C-118 Liftmaster

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Based on the success of the Douglas DC-4/C-54, the U.S. Army Air Force requested Douglas to develop a larger capacity aircraft.  The prototype XC-112 first flew on 15 February 1946, too late for participation in the war.

Douglas developed this design for postwar airline service as the DC-6 making its initial flight with American Airlines in June 1946.

Civil DC-6s were built alongside 166 aircraft for the U.S Air Force and Navy designated the C-118 and R6D Liftmaster respectively.  One C-118 was given a VIP interior for President Truman and designated the VC-118 The Independence.  Other VC-118s also served as Air Force One.

A total of 704 civil and military DC-6s were built.

Specifications (DC-6B)





Type: Commercial/Transport
Engines: four 2,500 hp (1865 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB17 Double Wasp radial piston engines
DC-6: Douglas designation
XC-112: USAAF initial designation
C-118: USAAF transport designation
VC-118: USAF VIP transport
R6D: U.S. Navy transport

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