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Rockwell B-1 Lancer

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In 1969, the USAF issued a requirement for a replacement for the B-52 with a contract for research, development, test and evaluation awarded to Rockwell and General Electric in 1970.  The first B-1  prototype flew in 1974.  Four prototype B-1s were built before President Carter cancelled the B-1 program in 1977 in favor of cruise missiles.

President Reagan resumed the B-1 project in 1981 with a modified aircraft designated the B-1B.  The first production B-1B flew in 1985.  The B-1 is also known as the "Bone".

Specifications (B-1B)




Type: Bomber
Engines: four 30,000 lb (64.94 kN) thrust General Electric F101-GE-102 turbofans

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Bone: B-1 Lancer in action




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