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Douglas AD/A-1 Skyraider

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Designed to replace the SB2C Helldiver, the Skyraider was initially designated the XBT2D and first flew in 1945.  Arriving too late for World War II, the Skyraider was redesignated the AD-1 using the U.S. Navy's new attack designation.

The Skyraider, also known as the Able Dog, proved invaluable during the Korean conflict as it's heavy weapon load capability and 10-hour endurance contrasted sharply with the new jets.

When the Vietnam war started, the Skyraider was again called upon.   Now redesignated the A-1, it picked up two new nicknames, Sandy and Spad.  Initially a U.S. Navy aircraft, the Skyraider was also used by the U.S. Air Force and the French Armee de l'Air in Algeria.

Specifications (AD-7)





Type: Attack/Bomber
Engines: one 2,800 hp (2088 kW) Wright R-3350-26B radial piston engine
XBT2D: Prototype Bomber/Torpedo version
AD: Attack version (pre-1962)
A-1: Attack version (after 1962)
EA-1: Electronic countermeasures version
UA-1: Utility version

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