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Douglas A-20 Havoc

Based on the Model 7A of 1936, the Douglas DB-7 first flew in 1939.  The DB-7 was purchased by the French who used the aircraft operationally just prior to the German attack in May 1940.

France's second order was diverted to Britain after France's collapse.  The RAF gave the DB-7 the name Boston.  Some aircraft were converted to night interceptors and given the name Havoc.

The U.S. Army Air Corp also purchased the DB-7 giving it the designation A-20 and adopting the RAF name Havoc.  The U.S. also adapted the Havoc to the night fighter role re-designating the aircraft the P-70.

Production ended in 1944 after Douglas had built about 7,400 aircraft.

Specifications (A-20G)





Type: Light Bomber/Attack
Engine: two 1,600 hp (1193 kW) Wright R-2600-23 Cyclone 14 radial piston engines
DB-7: Douglas designation (Douglas Bomber 7)
A-20: U.S. Army Attack aircraft
F-3: U.S. Army photo reconnaissance version
P-70: U.S. Army night fighter version
O-53: Observation version (not built)
Boston: RAF bomber version
Havoc: RAF night interceptor version

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A-20 Havoc in action

Raising Havoc in the Ardennes
Nicolas Trudgian




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