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Northrop A-17

The A-17 was based on the Gamma 2F, a private venture attack bomber.  After suggesting several modifications, the U.S. Army Air Corps purchased 110 aircraft in 1934.  Armed with four wing-mounted .30 caliber machine guns, it was more powerfully armed that contemporary pursuit (fighter) aircraft.  An additional 129 improved A-17As with retractable landing gear were purchased starting in 1936.

In 1940, 93 A-17As were sold to Great Britain and Canada.  Named "Nomad" most of these aircraft served in South Africa.  Douglas also built this aircraft under the designation Model 8A selling them to Argentina, Iraq, the Netherlands, Norway and Peru.  Several were commandeered by the U.S. Army and designated the A-33.

Specifications (A-17A)





Type: Attack
Engines: one 825 hp (614 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1535-13 radial engine
A-17: U.S. Army Air Corps designation
Nomad: RAF designation
Model 8A: Douglas company designation
A-33: Commandeered Model 8As (with 1,200 hp Wright R-1820-87)

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